How to Install MetalKettle Repository on Kodi?

How to Install MetalKettle Repository on Kodi?

It is not for nothing that they say: there is never too much good. Our grandparents in their distant youth watched tube televisions with one state and one local program and rejoiced at this miracle of technology, which replaced radio receivers (remember Woody Allen’s film “Radio Days”?). We were delighted with SMART-TV and TV boxes, which replaced the coveted Sony Trinitron blocks. And now we, as a matter of course, enjoy the endless possibilities of Kodi and, of course, as before, we are eager for new experiences.

Do you know why the collections of hits of the 60s and 70s are so popular today? Sometimes it turns out that the source of new impressions is worth seeking not in front, but slightly turning back.

And if the Kodi resources you already know along and across are no longer able to present you with pleasant surprises, maybe it makes sense to turn to something not so obvious? For example, to the Metal Kettle Repo repository. Finding and installing it can turn into a not too difficult, but rather exciting quest with a slight touch of vintage and will allow you to feel like a real geek, mining treasures from places not accessible to everyone.

The fact is that for some reasons this repository is not only unavailable in the usual depositories but even on the official website of the manufacturer, it is written that it is no longer supported by the developer and you will not be able to download the necessary installation files from there. But it’s not in vain that we promised you a quest, from which you are guaranteed to come out the winner!

Well, dear Indianas Joneses and Laras Crofts, get your Stetsons and whips (you may leave the guns home, I think we won’t need them this time), and go for our multimedia grail!.

To find the Invisible App

Oh, I almost forgot to explain why we need to chase this invisible application! It’s simple: thanks to the MetalKettle Repository, you will have access to an immense treasury of movies (for example, Turkish series) that are unexplored by you yet, TV shows, and all kinds of children’s content. The latter is especially important, because, you must agree, going for safe adventures with a taste of taboo, we feel at least a little, at least for a short time, like children. And just imagine with what pride then your children will tell their comrades that the parents have found the program, thanks to which they can watch what their peers have not even heard of. Just imagine how your children will bring friends to visit and boast of the highly advanced Mom and Dad!

Follow the map!

Well, it’s time to get down to business!

Here’s a map for you, just follow the route we have drawn.

  1. Start Kodi.
  2. Go to the System, and from there to Settings.
  3. Are you already in Settings? Perfectly! Look around and look for File Manager.
  4. Double click on Add Source to add our secret link.
  5. Now double-click again – now on the field labeled <none>.
  6. Copy from this our instruction or carefully transfer manually this address: – it should appear in the very field where you see the word <none>. Click OK.
  7. Have you entered a link? The system now asks what you want to name this new resource. Give it any meaningful name, such as MetalKettle.
  8. Of course, confirm the fact of the naming by clicking on OK.
  9. Great, now you with a little help from your friends have plotted the route to the desired repository. It’s time to take advantage of the results of our expedition.
  10. Return to the Kodi’s Home screen and once again follow the path you already know: System -> Settings. Select the Add-ons option there.
  11. In this list you need the “Install from zip” option. Found it? Feel free to double-click.
  12. Now find the source that you just proudly named MetalKettle. Double click to start the installation from it.
  13. Is the installation finished? Well, that’s all. Mission Complete!

There is an important note. As stated at the very beginning, this repository is currently not supported by the developers. Therefore, it may well happen that some of the addresses we have proposed by the time the repository is installed on your device will be inaccessible. In this case, we have a fallback.

So, if, after exactly following all the steps of our step-by-step instructions, you did not achieve the desired result, repeat everything again, but in step 6 instead of the address:, enter this:

The job is done! What’s next?

Of course, the MetalKettle Repository, like any other repository on Kodi, is not a content source in and of itself. It provides you with a wide range of different tools to access this content. Let me remind you that you can now watch channels such as Movie Hut, Live Max, Gobble, UK Turk Playlists, UKTV Again, and so on.

To use the tools that so happily and timely appeared in your hands, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Launch Kodi and select the “Video” option on the home screen.
  2. Now go to the “Add-ons” section and select the already installed Metal Kettle Repository as a source there.
  3. Now, using your remote control, go to the context menu and from there, right-click on the “Menu” option.
  4. You are on the right track, keep on following! Now you need the “Add-ons settings” option, from there go straight to “General”.
  5. Now enable the “Download Modules on Boot” option here.
  6. Did you manage? Very good. Now click “Run”.
  7. Before you again a familiar window with the word <none>. Paste this address there:
  8. I have no doubt that you did not forget to press OK to confirm this operation as well.

Now that you have access to many useful add-ons and plug-ins from the MetalKettle Repository, just start experimenting with which ones you need. Run each one in turn and view the content that is open to you. Mark in a way convenient for you (for example, by adding your favorite plug-ins to favorites) those that meet your interests and expectations.

Keep in mind that some additions may not work for the reason indicated at the beginning of our article. Indeed, this is not a reason for frustration!

Either way, MetalKettle has enough applications to enrich you with a new multimedia experience. Keep experimenting by making your own Top-list.

Rollback? You choose!

Well, and finally, it is possible that if you do not find anything useful for yourself in the MetalKettle repository (so many people – so many tastes), you will decide to delete it so as not to take up space on the device.

We also have instructions for this case.

Follow these steps to uninstall MetalKettle Kodi Repo:

  1. From the main Kodi menu select “Add-ons”.
  2. Next, go to “Add-on Browser”.
  3. Here you need the “Install From Repository” option.
  4. Select the previously installed MetalKettle repository.
  5. Using the remote control, enter the context menu and go there to the “Information” item.
  6. Now select Uninstall and confirm your decision by clicking “Yes”.

If you decided to completely clean up Kodi from the traces of the repository that did not fit you (although we are very sorry to hear about this), you should Uninstall MetalKettle Kodi Source.

The step-by-step instruction for this operation is as simple as the previous one. Here it is:

  1. First of all, open the File Manager from the main Kodi menu. If you used skins to customize Kodi’s appearance, its location in the Main Menu may have changed, but in any case, you will find the File Manager in the System folder.
  2. Select MetalKettle Kodi Source and use the remote control to enter the context menu (if you are using the keyboard, press the “C” key to access).
  3. Select the “Remove Source” option from the menu that appears.
  4. If your decision to part with this wonderful repository is final and not subject to appeal, well, take a deep breath and click “Yes”.

That’s all folks!

Without false modesty, we can say that you will not find more detailed and up-to-date instructions that answer the question: “How to Install MetalKettle Repository on Kodi?” We checked.